About us

Who are we??

My wife and I are Roman Catholic faith Lay Missionaries. ..

I was a Protestant for 37 years and now

for 7 years, we are thoroughly convinced Roman Catholics.

We spent 3 years in Brazil in the early 80s,

7 years in India , where Mikey 25, Marieangela 23, and Jasmine 20, were born

Then 9 years in Ukraine, where Natasha 18, David 15, and Jemima 11, arrived on the scene

4 years in Poland where our youngest daughter Michelle 9 arrived, making 7 children in all.

  Here in Poland we converted to the Catholic Faith and made our journey home.


3 years in Slovakia

And now 3 years in Germany in the Cologne area..

We have never had a regular job during this time.

We have lived entirely by faith in Jesus Christ and His Word taking the Gospel to the streets of numerous cities around the world on a daily basis..



the Catholic TV Channel started 27 years ago by Mother Angelica, has been a huge influence in our lives helping us to become  convinced Roman Catholics.

I am also extremely privileged to be an Ambassador for

the Catholicism Project of Father Robert Barron of


which is a project 2nd to none in our opinion.

Pod casts from this amazing servant of God are a must for anyone wanting to make progress in our continued walk of faith on this earth.

Recently my wife and I joined the Legion of Mary..

I have also been greatly influenced by C.S.Lewis...Peter Kreeft...John Martignoni... Friar Joseph of noapologies all to be found on the internet on you tube..They are great!!!!!!

Please watch therm as they are very easily found on Google...

We believe the Rosary Prayer to be a Nuclear weapon of immense power over sin... our sin, the Devil, and a great fishing net in which to capture souls for the Kingdom of God...

Say a Rosary every day!!!!!!!

and get so much Grace poured on one from Our Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary.. Our Lady of Fatima, Guadeloupe, Lourdes, and many other places.

Saint Padre Pio of Petrocina, one of my very favorite saints also promoted the Rosary to great effect amongst his followers and devotees.

We love making Rosaries and live a simple life from the proceeds of the donations received from them...I want to continue to do so until the day I depart from this world.

The Miracle medal, of Catherine of Laboure, is also a very powerful vehicle of GRACE and is attached to every Rosary that we make and distribute

These Rosaries are not for sale but sent to you when ordered for a small but reasonable suggested donation to cover the cost of material, Postage and time taken in their production.

We live from these donations...

They are blessed and ready for use with an Internet link from you tube as to how to pray effectively this awesome world changing prayer..,.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnRzs03RVHY

K and Q Saint Francis of Assisi


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